Scope of Business

VR Academy is a leading provider of digital technologies that safeguards the transition of Βusinesses and Educational Institutions to Digital Technologies, aiming to contribute to their digital transformation through Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, and Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI).

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

VR Academy as a member of the International Organization VRARA is counted as one of the innovative businesses in the VR and AR ecosystem, which are active in the research and development of applications and initiatives that promote digital and post-digital technologies.
VR Academy, a member of the International Technology Equipment Rental Organization (ITRA), is counted as one of the 100 companies of the technology rentals ecosystem worldwide that serve businesses’ needs in 15 countries. We are poised to suit the small or big businesses’ significant needs with access to international markets through strategic alliances, providing them with from a few dozens to several hundred high-tech devices.

VR Academy is among the most innovative companies in the Blockchain VR ecosystem, privately owning facilities within the “open, social, uninterrupted” World of Virtual Reality, Somnium Space.

Somnium Space, together with High Fidelity and Janus VR, are working for the virtual world’s uninterrupted operation and the ease of teleportation from one virtual world to another in the unique OASIS project.

Its partnerships with Matic and OpenSea ensure the protection of Blockchain VR transactions. Its partnerships with Pimax and Sony ensure the highest quality of technological equipment and digital avatars’ creation.

In collaboration with Fluentworlds Inc., VR Academy promotes the use of the first remote teaching platform in the World that combines 3D,VR, VIDEO GAMING and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for language learning.
VR Academy is partnering with ViewAR, one of the global leading 3D Visualization providers in the World. The ViewAR All-in-One system covers the needs of companies for apps and solutions of Indoor Navigation, Remote Assistance, Product Visualization, Industry 4.0 & IoT with Multi Platform Support.
In collaboration with Meetin VR, a game-changer in corporate communication, collaboration, training and development, VR Academy promotes Virtual Reality Workspaces that increase engagement, nurture team spirit, and boost employee performance.
VR Academy uses special Cleanbox UV devices for surface disinfection, which provide safe, hygienic hospital-level decontamination without using chemicals, heat or liquids and killing 99.999% of viruses, including Covid 19.

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