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Difficulty levels

VR Academy offers you enjoyable and innovative Team building experiences of different levels of difficulty depending on the familiarity you have or wish to acquire with Virtual Reality.

All you have to do is talk to us about the level of difficulty you would like to reach each time!

Choose a difficulty level!

LEVEL 1- Easy

At LEVEL 1 – Easy, you are offered cinematic experiences and documentaries of an entertaining and educational character, which acquaint you with the concept of immersion in Virtual Reality. At this stage you will not need to actively do anything, just watch the exciting experiences, as they will unfold before your surprised eyes!

LEVEL 2 – Normal

In LEVEL 2 – Normal, through more complex cinematic experiences you become even more familiar with immersion in the Virtual Worlds. At this level you learn both through cinematic and gaming experiences to perform the first basic movements in the world of Virtual Reality, such as moving your hands, holding and aiming objects, moving in the virtual environment and interact with team members. With these skills you can participate in a multitude of interactive experiences but also in competitive team games of a first degree of difficulty in the world of Virtual Reality.

LEVEL 3 – Advanced

In LEVEL 3 – Advanced you now delve into cinematic experiences that require a high degree of familiarity with Virtual Reality. In addition, you increase your skills and enter more complex interactive experiences and group games of an increased degree of difficulty, which require readiness, speed, alertness, quick reflexes, problem solving and crisis management.

LEVEL 4 – Expert

At LEVEL 4 – Expert you are now the absolute owners of the Virtual Reality Experience! At this level you can watch very demanding immersive cinematic experiences. You can also now with great ease organize group experiences and participate in games of very high degree of difficulty but also move easily within the Virtual Worlds and interact within them with people from around the world.

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