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Staying closer while staying apart!

Organize your first VR Team Building Corporate event in any physical space you choose or remotely in a Virtual Reality environment. Find yourself in the same digital space with your colleagues and partners and choose from dozens of exciting Virtual Reality experiences specially designed to bring teams together, strengthen team spirit, cultivate fair play and showcase your team skills!

Have fun. Express Yourself Creatively. Test your limits.

VR activities, games, and experiences can send you out to unknown destinations, spark your imagination, inspire and entertain you, encourage you to develop your creative talents, make you a winner, push you to manage a crisis, and bring you into contact with people from all over the world!

Get to know some of the most popular VR Team Building experiences.

VR Team Building services provide participants with unique group experiences in various missions, challenges and tasks. By creating a virtual “control room” of your corporate event through Live Streaming virtual conference, we organize, coordinate and support all participants throughout your event.

Here are some of the most popular team building experiences in the world:

VR Pictionary

Who are the most creative players on your team? Discover it by participating in the Tilt Brush experience, which will highlight your best players and, of course, the champion!

Escape Rooms

Keep talking, and nobody explodes
In the escape rooms, the truth is hidden before our eyes. How fast can you decipher riddles, clues or clues to quickly make the right decisions that will determine your team’s fate?

MT Everest

How would you feel if you could take part in a mission to climb Mount Everest? It is an excellent option for developing team spirit in a virtual reality environment, which can instantly bring your entire team together helping each member reach the top of Mount Everest! The question is whether your team will be able to take up this challenge at an altitude of 8,000 meters…

Richie’s Plank

How far would you go for your team? What would you do if, for the safety of all, you had to deal with one of your most secret fears? Would you go to the edge? This experience tests your courage as it takes you to the top floor of a tall building and puts you on a plank, which literally hangs in space.

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