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Boost Performance in VR

VR Events

Boost performance in VR

How can you increase the impact you have on your audience?

You can increase the impact you have on your audience by using our state-of-the-art technological equipment, adding a Virtual Reality layer in your onsite, online or virtual corporate events.

What are the benefits of using Virtual Reality in your events?

A recent PwC * study has shown that using Virtual Reality helps your audiences learn the content you present at a staggering rate of four times faster than any other conventional way while increasing their connectedness, affinity, and emotional engagement with the content.

Moreover, according to the same study, your audiences will be four times more focused and, therefore, 275% more effective to respond to the content presented to them through Virtual Reality, which is due to the rapid increase in their understanding.

4 x
4 x
more focused
275 %
more efficient
*PwC VR Soft Skills Training Efficacy Study, 2020

How can you remain in the thick of developments today?

VR Academy aims to assist businesses and organizations of the broader private and public sectors remain in the thick of developments and lead their markets. Our wide range of technology rentals and the use of our virtual spaces for remote work, meetings, communication, collaboration, information, employee training, and customer communication can provide your business with practical solutions requiring minimal costs, in terms of time and resources.

How easy is it to implement VR solutions?

Applying VR solutions may be easier than you think! With our technicians and facilitators’ assistance, VR Academy is there for you every step of the way to make the use of Virtual Reality technologies a pleasant and fun process and as simple as the use of your mobile phone! Besides, we have selected the most advanced and easy-to-use devices for you, where all that is required is just a click, and you are ready to go!

With our integrated approach of rental solutions, events planning, 3D-VR digital twins and personalized Virtual Worlds, VR Academy aims to remove all barriers that block your businesses’ safe transition to the emerging market of Virtual Reality!

Without the need for massive investments in new technologies, you can quickly get acquainted with Virtual Reality and, in a short time, acquire the necessary know-how so that you can create your own experiences in the full spectrum of meetings, meetings and events.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions.

How can we select the activities that are most suitable for our teams?
We discuss your team’s needs, goals for the day of the event, propose the most effective ways to achieve your goals and determine which “virtual activities” we will use based on this analysis.
Are there any health measures you are taking because of the Covid-19 pandemic?
We disinfect our technological equipment in our “Cleanbox” devices and provide the highest level of health protection against the pandemic using ultraviolet technologies that are clinically proven to neutralize various viruses, including Covid-19, by 99.999%.
When do we receive the technological equipment for our corporate event?
The technological equipment and detailed instructions for setting up and adjusting the tech gear to your teams’ needs are sent to your company’s central location, the home address of each member, or other sites you will indicate to us, a day before the main event.
How do we get acquainted with the use and settings of the technological equipment?
We arrange a meeting for your teams to get acquainted with our facilitators and the tech gear, a day before the main event. We demonstrate how the headsets work and proceed with all necessary settings to ensure that all participants enjoy a hassle-free main event on the day of the event with a press of a button.
How do you support our company on the day of the corporate event?
Our facilitators take charge of the event’s smooth running, guiding and coordinating all team members to participate in the event’s various activities successfully, following up with its schedule and particular requirements. Moreover, a team of our technicians are engaged and are ready to intervene to resolve any technical issues that may arise in the connection and the uninterrupted function of our equipment.
How do we evaluate the success of the event?
Event participants receive specific questionnaires regarding the evaluation of the agreed objectives.

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