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Meet your teams in VR


Meet your teams in VR

VR Meets enables businesses and organizations to conduct their first meetings, conferences, meetings or events in Virtual Reality environments.

VR Academy launches a new era in corporate meetings for our corporate clients by offering them the unique opportunity to connect to the state-of-the-art MeetingVR digital platform, to be physically present in shared virtual reality spaces, interact most naturally with their partners, shake hands, or defy the laws of physics using their newly acquired “super” powers!


Boost your teams dynamics!

MeetinVR ushers in a new era in the field of remote work and corporate collaboration. With every single space and its single function, the MeetinVR digital platform facilitates concentration, focus, coherence, productivity, entertainment, making remote work spontaneous, simple and beautiful.

In the custom 3D digital spaces of the MeetinVR platform, only your imagination can limit your possibilities. Boost your teams’ dynamics by participating in brainstorming, mind mapping, prototyping sessions and workshops, but also through team spirit development meetings.

Meetin VR Digital Spaces

Highly focused conversations

Ideal for Strategic planning meetings, in 12 different environments and a maximum participation of 6 people

Brainstorming & Co-creation sessions

Ideal for brainstorming, mind mapping, prototyping sessions and workshops, with 6 different whiteboards, and a maximum participation of 20 people

Lectures & Presentations

Ideal for lectures, product showcases, events, workshops and seminars, with a maximum participation of 32 people

Scrum and other agile meetings

Ideal for planning and decision-making sessions for casting media files, stand-up meetings & team updates, reviews & investor pitches with a maximum participation of 12 people.

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