Do Business in VR


Do Business in VR

VR Tours is a pioneering service of VR Academy, enabling you to present, promote, market, and advertise your products and services, using the the unique power that the Virtual Reality immersion has on the consumers!

VR Tours enables you to turn your consumers from “passive viewers” of a two-dimensional TV commercial, to protagonists of a unique and unprecedented experience and then let them advertise you!

Allow your consumers to gain the “experience” of using your products, as if they have already used them in real life or as if they have now become an integral part of their daily lives!

In a world of fast-flowing information, be the first to offer your consumers unforgettable experiences and make the difference!

How do VR TOURS work?

Initially, VR Tours offers you the option to create a 3D representation of your business’s physical space, production chain, headquarters, stores, and remote points of sales! Both your partners and your consumers will have the opportunity for a live VR navigation in your spaces, where they will be able to walk, tour, observe and touch.

Moreover, VR Tours presents businesses with the opportunity to stay in touch and remain in close contact with their customers by creating unique, customized advertising experiences for your products! Customers can explore your products’ prices, textures, and qualities in interactive virtual environments, in 2D, 3D, or VR modes.

Last but not least, VR Tours utilizing the technologies of 3D (Virtual), Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can accelerate the experiential learning of your employees in any process related to the critical functions of your business, such as health and safety, production, sales, marketing and training.

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