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VR Worlds

Live & learn in VR

Virtual Reality Worlds are real-world simulation environments created through 3D computer models. These environments are characterized by their continuous operation and the constant flow of participation in them by many users, who can communicate, collaborate and interact with each other through their personal digital images (avatars).

Utilizing its state-of-the-art technological equipment, strategic alliances with the world’s most innovative digital technology companies and its know-how in Virtual Reality applications, VR Academy ushers in a new era in digital communication and business collaboration.

Every business can transfer its own daily reality into the Virtual Reality World, where its employees can meet, coexist, communicate, interact, collaborate remotely, without the financial and cost time of travel or the social distance imposed by the current circumstances.

Access at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Reality Worlds provide unlimited possibilities for companies to activate their employees and partners and achieve their goals creatively.
Specifically, both employees and executives of companies, at any time, from anywhere in the world, can:

  • increase their knowledge and perception
  • optimize their communication and collaboration
  • access educational and entertainment content.
  • strengthen their team spirit and commitment.

In-world marketing and advertising provide businesses with the option to promote their products internationally to other companies, organizations, agencies and a global consumer market that participates and operate in these worlds, closing international sales and agreements. However, each company needs to determine both its areas of activity within the Virtual Reality Worlds and the value it intends to create within them for itself.

VR Worlds as a service.

VR Worlds service promotes the social and work experience of Virtual Reality Reality by introducing company members into Virtual Reality Worlds for entertainment, cooperation, communication purposes. The development of multiple activities, both between corporate team members and individual groups worldwide in virtual environments, takes collaboration to new heights.

Our goal is to offer VR Team building, VR Learning & Development, VR Entertainment services tailored to you within our privately owned digital meeting, entertainment and meeting rooms.

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