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The Future of Team Building
is here

VR Academy is a leading provider of digital technologies, ensuring teams access to Virtual Reality to digitally transform their businesses.
As experts in the field of New Technologies we simplify the use of advanced hardware and software to help teams fully integrate the physical and digital aspects of their business. Through our uniquely developed virtual reality team building workshops we prepare you for the future of work.

Want to find out how we’re helping HR professionals increase employee engagement and using virtual reality to support CEOs in building stronger teams?
We are delivering virtual team building workshop taster sessions for teams of up to 6 people.

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    Why your teams need Virtual Reality:

    • Productivity Advantage:

      With employees already set up to work remotely, we can work together to focus on leveraging collaboration technology and tools to maximize workforce productivity and sustain company culture.
    • Efficiency Advantage:

      Our job is to help you harness digital technologies’ power and streamline your operations. Together, we can automate processes that require face-to-face interactions to result in your organization’s greater speed, less waste, and more focus on revenue-generating activities.
    • Customer Advantage:

      One of the challenges we all face is how to stay close to our customers while adhering to strict social distancing rules. We work closely with you to find the best innovative digital solutions that serve your cost-reducing goals while, at the same time, accommodating current customer demand and generating more revenue.
    • Agility Advantage:

      We are all about disruption; we know how disruption works, and we are willing to share our expertise on how to turn market disruption into your competitive advantage.
    Greece’s No #1 Augmented Communications Provider
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